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French troops the first of air strikes photo sheets international ... The importance of a new counter-terrorism strategy, which shows that President Obama The name speech in the history of politicians, there are those whose value is to be understood over time. Month and day speech about the anti-terrorism strategy that President Obama did in the National Defense University in Washington, also, there is that possibility. Obama administration-life eyes of counter-terrorism strategy, the progress of the withdrawal of the US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, but raised the achievements of international terrorist organization al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden killing, growing calls for a policy change during the period eye which was. Conservatives, accused of weak-kneed of counter-terrorism has been promoting the diffusion of the al-Qaeda-related organization. Liberals, and that the closure of the terror suspect detention facility in Cuba Guantanamo base is not realized, as a result of increasing number of victims of drone attacks become Obama administration, policy change from the Bush administration is not It had shown dissatisfaction with sufficient.

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